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On-Page SEO Services

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Content & Website Optimisation

Search engines rely on algorithms to determine who has good, relevant content and thereby who sits at the top. Writing the content for your website is primarily about engaging with your non-robot visitors, however. To help reduce bounce rates and increase conversions our SEO service will optimise your content and ensure the information the user searched for is easily found and engaging.

We can also optimise the loading speed of your website for increased conversions and a huge SEO benefit. For quite some time now Google has given preference to those websites that are optimised for mobile, functionality and page loading speed.

Keyword and Competition Monitoring

Excellent keyword research is key to a successful SEO campaign. With keyword research, you can check what people are interested in your market and create a content plan based on your research.

Unless you have a large SEO budget it may be very difficult to get noticed on competitive search phrases. So, through keyword research, you can focus and focus on content that satisfies your user intent and on those search phrases which your competitors are not.

  • Meta tags and image alt atributes

  • Correct heading and subheading usage

  • Internal links, 301 redirects …and more

  • CMS clean up and optimisation

  • Scripts and CSS cleanup and minification

  • Compression of images and code

  • Offer tried and tested fast UK hosting

Off-Page SEO Services

Our SEO service works to promote your business through positive reputation and feedback

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Reputation management

Link Building and Citations

Building links and citations to your website is an important part of the off-page SEO service provided by Awe. We create natural links and our focus is always on quality, whatever the type of link or how we go about acquiring it for your SEO efforts.

Awe specialise in Internet Marketing and web design in Newcastle, for local businesses and we always start with local citations. Making sure that search engines such as Google are confident of your business name, address, telephone number e.t.c. is very important for search visibility. 

Social Media Influencing and Blogging

The influence of social media on SEO today cannot be underestimated and it looks set to grow for the foreseeable future. After all, it makes sense to pay attention to how many people share, like and discuss each website when ranking search results.

Guest blogging and blogging outreach is also an important part of the social ranking factor for search engines. Awe can ensure your brand and website is discussed and referenced in the blogosphere

Awe has the right balance of creativity and technique to help your social media posts reach more users and your blogging content generate that all-important engagement.

Drive More Search Traffic to Your Website

Awe’s online reputation management service works to promote your business through positive reputation and feedback.

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