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Modern Website Redesign

Keep your Website on point with the Technology Trends & Optimisations

'Mobile First' Design

It’s been the case for a while now that more internet searches and website traffic are from mobile phone users. Our mobile first web design philosophy means your redesign will be fully optimised for mobile and tablet visitors and you won’t miss out on revenue.


UX and website redeisgn
  • Improve page loading speeds

  • HTML5/CSS3 optimisation

  • Conversion optimisation

  • Add website features

  • Update your products/services

Boost Your Website's Performance

Your websites performance will greatly affect how your customers interact with your business or organisation. Slow page response times result in higher levels of abandonment and disinterest.

Awe can help you redesign your poorly performing website and maximise the loading speed of each page to lessen the risk of triggering a decision that is based on impatience. We can also help you redesign your website in order to integrate custom software to boost your sales, manage your customers and more…

Update Your Website & Brand

Communicate your company vision to your website users

Reinvent, Rebrand, Redesign.

Your company’s brand is very important as it’s essentially how others see your business. A good brand communicates what your company does and a well branded website will establish trust and expectations to the users of the website.

Branding isn’t just about your logo and business name but incorporates things such as packaging, communication designs and of course, your website. We can help businesses rebrand even if you’re unsure as to the direction you want your new website to take.

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Website redesign illustration
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Reinvigorate Your Website

Often with growth comes a need to adopt a new online strategy. Drop us a message so we can discuss exactly how we can help.

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Show That Your Business is Moving Forward

Redesigning and rebranding your website doesn’t mean that you got it wrong, it shows the users of your website your business is forward-thinking and looking to improve. Use your rebranding project as a chance to reinvigorate how you communicate your core values and do business.

Whether you make small logo changes or do a complete rebrand, change is never easy, but Awe Web Design is here to help you along the way.

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