With Ever Affordable Web Design, Can You Survive Without a Website?

Yes, of course you can survive without even the simplest, most affordable web design (or indeed a ‘free’ website). It depends upon your business sector and business model.

However, the statistics point out that the vast majority of businesses see an increase in revenue when they implement a website.

ApprovedIndex reports that a business which introduces a website in the UK creates an average growth in turnover of £174,000. They estimate that even businesses with no employees (owner-managers) will see a £30,000 increase in turnover.

Other research shows about 75% of people will research small-to-medium enterprises before they visit a website or initiate a purchase.

So whilst may feel like your business is strong enough without the need to have a website supporting it. The data shows, however, that there are 174,000 reasons why a professional, affordable web design package today is such an important part of the brand experience and a great leveller for small businesses.

Here are 6 more of the lesser thought of reasons why even a low-cost but professional web design will benefit your business;

#1. Even low-cost websites never take time to sleep.

Ever affordable web design gives your brand access to the entire world. Even if you are outside of regular business hours, it works to promote your business for you. Most people research local SMEs when they are away from work. You could also work to build interested traffic from other time zones too.

#2. Most competitors already have a website.

Think about the top brand in your industry or niche right now. Do they have a website? I would guess so, I would also guess that they invest a lot of time and money into their website activities. Don’t let this discourage your from throwing your hat in as there’ll always be a way to get a share of that pie. However, if you don’t have a website, even an affordable website, then there is no way someone can research you and your competitor to draw a comparison. That means an internet user will listen to only one voice, and it won’t be yours.

#3. You don’t need to over-spend on web design to improve your brand image.

An affordable web designer can give you a website that creates an initial positive first impression for your brand or business. Call it a form of “curb appeal”. If your website looks good, then visitors will likely believe that the products and services you offer are equally good. Through this process, you establish confidence and trust.

#4. Affordable web design gives you access to local customers that may discover you online.

If someone has not visited your business before, then they’ll search for information about you online. Without a website, there’s a good chance you’re not checking on your brand’s reputation regularly either. Part of the consumer research process involves reading public reviews of your business. If they like what they see, then they’ll visit your business. If not, they’ll visit the competition. Getting an affordable website designed (and managed) gives you more control over this process.

#5. A professional web designer will save you time and money.

You need to market yourself in some way. Word-of-mouth marketing is effective, but it only takes you so far, in this world that relies heavily on the internet. Compared to print, radio, and visual media advertising, the cost of building a website is inexpensive in comparison. You also gain the benefit of being able to advertise multiple services or products without paying for multiple marketing campaign costs. You can use a ‘free’ website builder and design a website yourself for the ultimate affordable web design. Although, if you are not experienced within this field then you will spend a lot of time optimising your web design. Its more beneficial in this case for you to hire a professional web designer to do the work.

Ever Affordable Web Design Can Give Surprising ROI

Hire an Affordable Professional

#6. You stop losing out on profits.

Let’s say the average person spends £18 per transaction with your business. Now let’s say you get a 2% conversion on a new website with 1,000 visitors in a month. That’s 20 new transactions, bringing you £360 in new revenues in your first month. For a basic website that is professionally designed, you could pay for this investment in 30-90 days.

Can your business afford not to have a website? Decide for yourself… And speak to us when you’re ready to hire a professional, affordable web designer.